World Traveler

Travel is one of the most exciting words in the dictionary. It can lead to adventure, challenge, change, family, friends, escape, discovery and so much more. For some these words initiate fear, for others pleasure. It’s origins were instinctively related to pain and anguish in the 1400’s, but as travel has become easier with today’s technology, the globe has become smaller and the incentives to … Continue reading World Traveler

Cinderella’s Bag

First night out in Nice after 3 months living in the south of France. Like Cinderella, I was alone catching the last train back home to Cannes before midnight. Adorned with large ostentatious impractical earrings, a beautiful floor length dress, flip flops, and my favourite purse that accompanied me on all my travels. As I watched a play by play in slow motion of the … Continue reading Cinderella’s Bag

The unspoken truth!

When you get slapped around a couple of times too many because you are not of the same religion. Used or abused because you are an outsider of less equal human worth. Discriminated against by roles and prejudices because of the family or body your were born with. One soon becomes angry at the very society, religion or people that have thrashed against them. Free … Continue reading The unspoken truth!