J’aime la vie

What is the secret to live the life you love?

This is a question that we all ask at some point in our lives. Life is not always easy, and we all struggle at times to find ourselves, figure out what we want and what makes us happy. Some people discover this early on in life and most of us take years. This year I chose to adapt my philosophy to loving the life I live by living the life I love. I have decided to share with you my secrets to achieving this mission, which are implemented daily in one form or another.

Firstly, we are all in charge of our own happiness, life does not happen to us, it happens for us.  There are no excuses we all can empower ourselves to live better and achieve our own success. It is a mindset and one which can be learned, embraced and practiced. After a devastating break up, closing my business, losing a huge investment and moving back home for the first time in years, most would go into a major depression, but somehow, I had one of the most adventurous, inspiring and enlightening years of my life, which has put me on a path to #livingthelifeIlove.

Here are 10 values to implement in your life in order to live the life you love and love the life you live.

  1. Be Passionate: What ever you do make sure you are passionate about it. Love your craft, love your family, love your partner, love your children and most important love yourself. We must love ourselves first to receive love from others. If you want love, you must give love.
  2. Contribute: your ideas, foster debates, take initiative in your life, be part of a community and feel this come through in all aspects of your daily life. Help others when they are in need and accept help when you are.
  3. Be Great at Your Job: Demonstrate excellence appropriate to your level and role, contribute relevant developments from your field to keep us cutting edge, share knowledge, and teach others. Work doing something you love and it won’t be work.
  4. Be Accountable:  Make responsible decisions, continually improve how you work and what you offer both personally and professionally. Be a person of your word; follow-through on deliverables, proactively manage your expectations and that of others. Hold others to a high standard, respond effectively to change and challenges. Try to take ownership for your success and your mistakes.
  5. Do the Right thing: Understand how your words and actions impacts the others, think strategically to solve the right problems, proactively raise questions and issues that need attention, prioritize your values and goals, above the ego and what others think or say.
  6. Be authentic: Speak from the heart, live truthfully, listen to your intuition, exhibit your true thoughts and feelings, don’t be afraid of what other think or want you to be. To be genuine you MUST be stronger than the possibility of not being accepted, or liked. Let go of fear, for people respect people who can stand in their own power, it’s what gives that person character. No matter how difficult it may be, when someone makes a stand, it’s respected
  7. Be a Team Player: Pitch in when needed, listen to others’ concerns, identify dependencies within and across your family, friends and partner. Be aware of your impact, what you say and do. Keep others informed of how you feel and what you need, communication is key. Collaborate effectively to ensure collective success in your relationships.
  8. Continuously Learn and Grow:  Stretch and challenge yourself to keep learning, and growing. Ask for help, apply feedback, look for where you can improve, keep developing yourself, continually increase your contribution to society.
  9. Let’s Not Take Ourselves Too Seriously: Work hard in your life, but keep it full of fun and stay light-hearted, no ego, make your environment a great place for you to be yourself, inspire others, and inspire love. Don’t take yourself too seriously, have a positive and constructive attitude on life. Smile often, it changes your mood instantaneously.
  10. Choose love over fear: A good decision comes from love, a bad decision comes from fear. When you do things out of love only good things can come from it, because you are moving with the flow of the universe. Acting out of love is one key to being a spiritual warrior. It’s how we face the world in an open and accepting way, rather than constricting and closing off our hearts. The reason to be loving is for yourself – not for other people. Carrying around unnecessary anger and fear is a burden that will weigh on your heart for as long as you choose to hold onto it.

Whenever you have a difficult decision look at the intent behind your actions and you will see whether they are coming from a place of love or fear. Are you trying to grasp onto something, whether it’s a person, possession, or even time itself? Is there something out of your control that you’re not accepting? If so, then you are acting out of fear. On the other hand, are you making a difficult decision because of an openness and acceptance of yourself, someone else, or the world around you? Then you are acting out of love.

To live the life you love and love the life you live, choose love first, don’t be afraid to be yourself, follow your dreams and open your heart. It’s really that simple, but harder than you can imagine implementing. Breath, do yoga, eat well and surround yourself with non-toxic and inspiring people.

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