40’s are fabulous

Turning 40 is a milestone in a man and woman’s life unlike no other. It is the midpoint in which you are still young enough to make major changes in your life, but old enough to know that you have some limitations that time can not change. We are still young enough to: pursue a new career, marry or re-marry, last chance to have kids, enough energy to still party like a rock star, enough money to travel more or better. Old enough that know what we want and who we are, so there are no more excuses for making the same mistakes.

People are living longer lives and, with proper lifestyle changes, can be as healthy, fit and vital, not to mention youthful in appearance and physique, for many of these years. Age is truly just a number, and your actual age is equal to your real age (year you were born) + your mental age (maturity) + your physical age (your skin) divided by 3.

For those who think the world is over once they hit forty, they may want to take a second look, here are just 5 reasons 40’s are the best years of your life.

  1. Youthful appearance: The truth is once you hit 40 you know you would never want to go back to your 20’s, cause frankly you are in a much better place in your life. Women in their 40s are looking and feeling better than ever. Middle age is looking pretty hot, and many women are looking better in their  40s than they did in their 20s because they take care of their body through fitness and a good diet, they feel fit and fabulous. Some twenty-year-olds look thirty. Some forty-year-olds look thirty. Where do you fall?
  2. Self- Acceptance: We all must come to grips with aging. It’s inevitable. But with age also comes grace and wisdom. Women are more comfortable in their own skin, knowing what is important in life, and learning not to sweat the small stuff at 40. Start focusing on you and what makes you happy, and stop obsessing about all of your faults and flaws. You do not have to be perfect. Be kind to yourself. The truth of that matter is this: Forty really is fabulous.
  3. Wisdom: When most people hit 40 they are more in tune with who they are and what they want with life. This makes finding a career they love so much easier to do. They may have kids that are already grown and now they can focus on their own wants and desires. Or they have done the career path and want to start a family. This is a great time for those turning forty to reevaluate their lives and determine where they want things to go from this point forward.
  4. Wealth: This is the time when you have built your career, your first home and your bank account is generous enough that you can now travel, indulge in the finer things in life and not have to worry about tomorrow. You drive the nice care, you have the nice home and you can feed your hobbies and dreams.
  5. Lessons: When you’re twenty, you love all your friends. When you’re thirty, you start to lose touch with friends. When you’re forty, you realize who your true friends are. You learn when you’re in your twenties. You live when you’re in your thirties. When you’re in your forties, you learn that everything you learned before is not necessarily right and that you have the power to choose what you allow into you life and what you want to live.

Stop comparing yourself to other women in general. We are all different and unique, and that is what makes us beautiful. Instead of focusing on your flaws, start focusing on what you like about yourself. I have found that the better I feel about myself, the more I want to take better care of myself and the better decisions I make, which intern makes me a happier woman. When your 40 you just live, no regrets, less worries.

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