The Loyalty Card

In a disposable society where everything and everyone is taken for granted, how are we not surprised to find that loyalty is a rare commodity on a global market. In a capitalistic city with individuals hungry for power, position and prosperity, who really are our allies and friends? There is no value any longer for the traditional, conventional or tried and true. Honesty, integrity and reliability have seemed to become scarce. Why have these values which are an integral part of loyalty disappeared? In order to keep up with the Jones, one must become what one seeks. No longer is it possible to make commitments to work, to people, to parties, to travel, to housing, to anything or anyone other than oneself. In a narcissistic existence of bragodacion, how can there be space for another ego. Egos are so inflated and options so diverse due to the integration of the mobile network and social media that have changed the way individuals interact with each other and project themselves. No longer are we wearing one mask, but now have the capability to wear many and change the reality of our lives for the cyber stage, which generally doesn’t reflect the truth nor allow for meaningful interactions. When was the last time you picked up a phone and called a friend to catch up or committed to a date/event a month in advance without cancelling last minute for a better option?

Loyalty, where has it gone? This is the question that so many ask me, both men and women struggle with this concept which seems so important to them in their lives,but shockingly hard to implement. The key is if you expect to receive loyalty, you have to expect to give it. This is a two way journey. You want someone to call, pick up the phone. You want to be invited to parties then confirm and come on time. You want to be promoted, put your heart into the job and make allies that are genuine friendships. Want to fall in love or meet a good partner, then be faithful and stable, say what you mean and mean what you say.
There is no secret combination, everyone has the capacity to be loyal, the question is how badly do you seek it in your life? When you have the answer, the power to implement change is within your grasp. As Nike says, Just Do It!

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