The unspoken truth!

When you get slapped around a couple of times too many because you are not of the same religion. Used or abused because you are an outsider of less equal human worth. Discriminated against by roles and prejudices because of the family or body your were born with. One soon becomes angry at the very society, religion or people that have thrashed against them.

Free of religious beliefs, free of family name stigmas, free of ethnic divide, and free of aesthetic misfortune, all the opportunities I believed were at my disposition. To my shocking dismay, the lack of belonging has set me apart all my life from the masses and exposed me to a variety of stigmatism related to being fortunate to be so open minded.

Since Judaism, Catholicism and Muslim religion are all very new religions made by mankind to give faith, to control the masses, and to distinguish themselves from the rest. I do not condemn, but feel that these religious individuals are unfounded in their discriminatory values and beliefs. All humans are equal regardless of where they come from, what name they carry and what religion they practice. This is humanity!

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