Tangible Happiness

What makes us happy?  Life is full of an abundance of options and opportunities, but which ones make us happy?  How then can you tell the difference between something worth keeping and investing in, versus something that brings temporary pleasure. It seems having a disposable philosophy can only bring you temporary fulfillment and in today’s day and age we apply this mindset to our jobs, relationships … Continue reading Tangible Happiness

The Loyalty Card

In a disposable society where everything and everyone is taken for granted, how are we not surprised to find that loyalty is a rare commodity on a global market. In a capitalistic city with individuals hungry for power, position and prosperity, who really are our allies and friends? There is no value any longer for the traditional, conventional or tried and true. Honesty, integrity and … Continue reading The Loyalty Card

World Traveler

Travel is one of the most exciting words in the dictionary. It can lead to adventure, challenge, change, family, friends, escape, discovery and so much more. For some these words initiate fear, for others pleasure. It’s origins were instinctively related to pain and anguish in the 1400’s, but as travel has become easier with today’s technology, the globe has become smaller and the incentives to … Continue reading World Traveler